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Create Service Sheet (SES)

  1. NOTE: Prior to starting this step, ensure your workbench is set up correctly by following the training link below.  

    Ariba Workbench Setup (New View)

    Locate the Orders tile on home page. 

    Locate desired PO. CLICK on PO number. 

  2. After locating the PO, within the PO, CLICK on the Create Service Sheet button. 


    *NOTE: SES must be approved before creating the invoice for submission.

  3. In the Service Sheet Header, ENTER the Service Sheet #.


    *NOTES: Service sheet numbers must not be greater than 11 characters. Special characters (/ % ^ & *) are not allowed. If used, the SES will fail on submission. Alpha characters must be CAPITALIZED.

    ENTER the Service Start Date and the Service End Date


    *NOTE: This is a mandatory field otherwise the SES will be rejected. The dates must be entered when full or partial service is rendered.

  4. ENTER the email address for the Approver into the Approver Email field. This verifies that the SES is directed to the appropriate person within Murphy Oil.  The Murphy Approver can be found on either the Murphy Field stamp or directly from your Murphy rep.

    Locate Approver Name / Email Address

    *NOTE: Email structure for approver: OR

    *NOTE: If the email address is incorrect it can cause rejections.

    *NOTE: Murphy Buyers are NOT valid approvers.

    *OPTIONAL FIELDS: Field Contractor, Field Engineer and Supplier Reference. The Supplier Reference field can be populated with any alpha numeric character for enhanced searching of a SES.

  5. CLICK on the Browse… button to LOCATE the file on your computer and CLICK the Open button.


    *NOTEThe total size of all the attachments must not exceed 10MB.

    Ensure all pages needed are in one PDF file.

    CLICK on the Add Attachment button to pull the file into the application.

  6. For Service Line POs: The line items are already present in the Line Item details. Edit the quantity to match the invoice. If there are lines not applicable to this entry, un-toggle the item by clicking the green Include toggle. Skip step 7 & 8 and proceed to step 9.

    *DECIMAL PLACES: Please note that Ariba can only process TWO decimal places in the QUANTITY field.  Please contact your Buyer if this is not feasible.


  7. For POs with a catalog: The line items will not be present in the Line Item Details.


    Click on the Add button and Add Contract/Catalog Items


    Start by adding your catalog line items to your cart based on the quantity on your invoice. Change the quantity of the desired line item and CLICK Add to Cart. Repeat this process for line items to match your invoice. 

    *NOTE: The search bar can be used to search by part number or description.

    *DECIMAL PLACES: Please note that Ariba can only process TWO decimal places in the QUANTITY field.  Please contact your Buyer if this is not feasible.

    *NOTE: If you do not see an item in your catalog and need to add it, please refer to the Add a Non-Catalog Item article. (click hyperlink)

    Once you have added all of your line items, press the shopping cart and Review Cart. 

  8. 1) Choose your Account Assignment (CO Object). 

    *NOTE: The account assignment information will be on a Murphy provided field stamp or provided by a Murphy representative.

    *NOTE: If the account assignment is already populated, proceed to Done.

    NOTE: Ensure you are starting on the first line. Coding entered will copy to below lines.

    *P = WBS 

    • 301-xxxxx.xx.xx 
    • 305-xxxxx.xx.xx
    • 130-xxxxx.xx.xx (CA)(Kaybob)
    • 102-xxxxx.xx.xx(CA)(Montney)

    *K = Cost Center 

    • 101xxxxx
    • 9xxxxxx

    *F = Work Order

    • No action, do not change. Proceed to Done.

    2) Once Account Assignment is chosen, proceed to Project/WBS/Cost Center. You will need to choose Search More to search for the specific account assignment needed. 


    3) Type the account assignment in the search field and CLICK SEARCH. Once the account assignment is found, CLICK Select. 

    *NOTE: The entire WBS/Cost Center will need to be entered in the search field.

    *NOTE: if multiple WBS/Cost Center numbers are given for this service sheet, please refer to Split Coding by Percentage article. (click hyperlink)

    4) Ensure account assignment copies to every line. Once charge codes are on every line, CLICK Done at the bottom right.  

  9. Once all line items are added, VERIFY subtotal at the top right side of the screen.

    Please note: The Ariba subtotal amount must match exactly to the PDF amount.  If they do not match, the SES will be rejected.

    *NOTEAll service sheets show pre-tax totals. Taxes will be applied at the invoice level.

  10. VERIFY the following attributes are complete:

    • Dates are populated
    • Field / Work Ticket(s) are attached
    • Approver’s Email Address is populated and correct
    • Lines from the catalog are updated and the Subtotal is correct

    *Click Next at the top right hand side of the screen.

    *NOTE: If changes need to be made, CLICK on the Previous button or the Exit button, on the top right corner of the screen, to delete the SES creation.

  11. REVIEW and CLICK on the Submit button on the bottom right side of the screen.

  12. CLICK Exit service sheet creation to bring you back to the PO screen. 

    *NOTEservice sheets must be approved before flipping service sheet into an invoice. Once approved, please refer to Create Invoice from Approved Service Entry Sheet (SES) article for instructions. 

    If needed, the user can print a hard copy of the SES for their own internal records. 


    CLICK on Print a Copy of the service sheet, SELECT the printer and CLICK on the Print button.

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