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Line Item Credit Memo - PREFERRED

*Note: The original invoice reference must be located on BOTH the PDF copy of the credit memo in an easily identified location and in the Comments section of Ariba.  If the reference is missing then the invoice will be rejected.


Task / Activity Instructions 


LOCATE PO the original invoice was submitted under. CLICK Create Invoice then CLICK Line Item Credit Memo. 

SELECT the invoice and CLICK Create Line Item Credit Memo. 

*NOTE: items selected in picture are for example purposes. 


LOCATE original invoice to be credited. CLICK Create Line Item Credit Memo.




The Supplier ENTERS in the required fields including the Credit Memo # and Reason for the Credit Memo. 

CLICK Add to Header - Attachment to add the PDF of the credit memo.


Adjust the quantity to match the credit memo. The Quantity must be negative. 

If there are items on the invoice that should not be credited, CLICK the green toggle button to remove them from the credit entry.



*NOTE:  If you receive a TAX error and your invoice does not include tax, 

 1. CHECK the Tax Category checkbox

 2. SELECT 0% Sales Tax/ No TAX.  

 3. Then click Add to Included Lines.


Once the quantity has been adjusted to the amount to be credited, CLICK Update at the bottom of the screen. Confirm at the top of the page the amount to be credited is correct. 

Once confirmed, CLICK Next.

CLICK Submit.



For any questions, please submit a ticket via our Murphy Ariba support portal.  

*NOTE: Debits must not be submitted along with a credit in Ariba. 

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