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Create Invoice from Approved Service Sheet (SES)

  1. NOTE: Prior to starting this step, ensure your workbench is set up correctly by following the training link below.  

    Ariba Workbench Setup (New View)

    Locate the Service Sheet tile on home page.

    Locate desired Service Sheet. CLICK on Service Sheet number. Ensure it is Approved.  

  2. CLICK Create Invoice directly in the approved service sheet. This will be the step you take if there is 1 service sheet to 1 invoice.

    NOTE: If you have multiple service sheets for 1 invoice, CLICK the hyperlink below. 

  3. 1: ENTER the Invoice Number.


    *NOTEUp to 11 characters and no special characters, spaces, periods or dashes. Only capital letters and numbers can be used.

    2: ENTER the Invoice Date. If older than 90 days, use oldest date possible.

    3: If the Tax ID is on the company profile, it automatically defaults on the invoice. If the Tax ID is not on the company profile, ENTER it here. 

    *NOTE Canadian Suppliers: Enter GST number here.

  4. ENTER Service Start and End Dates

  5. CLICK on the Add to Header menu. 


    SELECT Attachment to add documentation to the invoice.

    CLICK Choose File/Browse to access invoice document from your computer. Select document. CLICK Add Attachment

  6. Taxes must be applied only at the header level.

    • US Suppliers: ENTER the correct tax amount.
    • Canada Suppliers: SELECT the appropriate Tax Category from the drop-down menu.


    Header Level Tax: will apply same tax rate to all lines


    Line Level Tax: will apply a tax to specific line items.


    *NOTE: If there is no tax, then a 0 (zero) must be entered into this required field. 

    *NOTE: Canadian Suppliers - If GST only, keep Header Level Tax selected. If GST & PST apply, choose Line Level Tax and follow link to instructions below on how to enter PST.  

  7. SCROLL DOWN to the Line Items section and REVIEW the line items selected to be invoiced.

  8. If needed, REMOVE a line item from the invoice by deselecting the green radio. This will turn grey and the line item will not be shown on the Create Invoice screen.

  9. Scroll to the top of the invoice page. CLICK Update. Any tax amounts will update after clicking.

    Please note: The Ariba subtotal, tax and total must match exactly to the PDF amount.  If they do not match, the invoice will be rejected.  

  10. CLICK on the Next button to go to the review page. Please ensure all Sub-Totals and Totals match the PDF of the invoice. 

  11. REVIEW all the information to ensure that the invoice will be processed in a timely manner. If there are any discrepancies to correct, CLICK on the Previous tab. 

  12. After final review, CLICK on the Submit button and the invoice is sent for approval.

  13. Once the screen refreshes, a message appears stating that the invoice is submitted.

  14. There are 2 options given:

    • Print a copy of the invoice
    • Exit the invoice screen returning to PO


    *NOTE: Murphy Oil does not need a hard copy of the invoice. A hard copy can be printed for personal record if needed.

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