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Entering GST and PST on an Invoice - Canadian Vendors

  1. When entering an invoice or a service sheet, if your invoice has GST and PST you will SELECT Line Level Tax. 

  2. Proceed creating your entry. 

  3. After you select your catalog line items and enter the cost object, you will come back to the screen below. 

  4. Select GST in the tax dropdown. 

    *NOTE: Tax categories selected in picture are for example purposes only.

    Check all of your line items for GST and CLICK Add to Included Lines on the right. 

  5. Next, select the tax drop down again and select PST.

    *NOTE: Tax categories selected in picture are for example purposes only. 

    Check all of the line items where PST is applicable. CLICK Add to Included Lines once more. 

  6. Ensure all of your line items have the appropriate tax associated. 

    **NOTE: If you need to remove tax from a line item, CLICK Remove on the right hand side. 

    **NOTE: All items require a tax category. If there are items that are not applicable to GST or PST, SELECT 0% GST for these items.

    Once all of the line item taxes are verified and correct, CLICK Update on the bottom right of the page. The subtotals and totals (top of page) will reflect the appropriate tax amounts. Please ensure the subtotals and total match the invoice exactly.

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