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Resend a Failed Purchase Order (PO)

Most POs fail in Ariba due to an outdated/inactive email address in the network notifications. 

Prior to starting these instruction, be sure to update your network notifications following the instruction hyperlink below.

Network Notifications  


 The below steps should only be performed on failed POs.

1) When searching for a PO, if you see the status is "failed - failed" the PO will need to be resent.


2) CLICK the PO.

3) CLICK the 3 dots on the right hand corner of the screen, CLICK Resend.

4) CLICK Resend. 

5) Once complete, the PO status should update to "Acknowledged - New" or "Acknowledged - Sent."

6) If the status of the PO still shows "failed" please submit a ticket for further investigation. 


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