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Split Coding by Percentage - Invoice/Service Sheet

You may be requested to split your invoice or service sheet by Account Assignment percentages as provided by your Murphy representative. This may appear as multiple stamps with different account assignments. 


Before adding the split Account Assignments to Ariba, please ensure that your service invoice/SES follows the below split coding rules:

  • Account Assignments must be assigned on Line 1 in Ariba.  This data will 'waterfall' down to the other line items.  
    • The rule of thumb is that if one line item has split coding, then all line items on the invoice will be split as well.
  • Percentage rates must equal 100% using whole numbers.
    • Example: 33%, 33%, 34% to equal 100
    • Do not use decimal places
  • If you were given amounts to split by, take the percentage of each account assignment and split by percentage (whole numbers only).
  • Only one account assignment type may be used per invoice/SES (Project/WBS or Cost Center).
  • If there is more than one approver listed, please select the approver with the majority of the costs.


To split code your invoice or service sheet:

1.    Select the account assignment type (P - WBS or K - Cost Center)

2.    Add the Account Assignments on the FIRST line of your invoice/service sheet

3.    Select "Add Split" - select by Percentage. Add as many splits as needed.

4.    Repeat on every line of the submission.

For additional assistance, please open a ticket:

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