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Why can't I find my PO?

These are the most common reasons, but not limited to, why a PO cannot be found.

Ariba Home Page Dashboard Format
The standard Ariba dashboard provides low visibility to PO's, Invoices and Service Entry Sheets. 

PO is >1 year old

Ariba removes PO's from the main screen if they are older than one year old.  

ANID Mismatch

There is an Ariba ANID mismatch between the user and the PO.

  • This can only be identified by Murphy Ariba Support (Freshdesk).  The Support team will ask you for your Ariba ANID to confirm the account against where the PO was issued.

PO Failures

The PO failed in the interface.

If you are still unable to find your PO, please open a ticket in the Murphy Freshdesk portal:

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