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How do I join a Teams meeting? How to screen share in Teams?

*NOTE: Below instructions are if you do not have Teams app downloaded. 

*NOTE: downloading the Teams app is not required. 

How to join a Teams meeting and how to screen share via Teams. We recommend using Google Chrome for Teams meetings. Ensure you have a mic on your computer for audio. 


  1. In your meeting invite you will have a link Click here to join the meeting. RIGHT CLICK on the link and choose Open Link. This will open the meeting in your web browser. 

  2. Once the meeting pops up in your browser, click Continue on this browser. 

    *Note: If the 'Continue on this browser' option is not available, please open the meeting in Chrome.

  3. If you receive this notification, do not worry. You will be able to enable your mic and video in the next screen.

  4. The meeting should look like this.  

    Essential buttons (from left to right): 

    • Camera
      • Not required for meetings.

    • Mic
      • You will need a mic on your computer to communicate with meeting participants.
      • If your participant cannot hear you, but you can hear them, your mic may be muted. 

    • Share Tray
      • This is where you will share your screen. See next steps.

    • More Action

    • Raise your Hand

    • Show Conversation
      • This is where you will receive a chat with the meeting participants

    • Show Participants

    • Hang Up


  1. Click on your SHARE TRAY icon.

  2. Click on the Desktop/Window box in the left column.

  3. Choose Entire Screen and choose a screen (if you have multiple screens) and click Share.

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