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Network Notifications

Only the supplier's Ariba Admin has the ability to change the Notification Settings for the company.

There are THREE locations within Ariba where email addresses are maintained.  These email addresses must be valid and current in order to avoid failed or missing communications.


Location 1: Company Profile - The email listed on this profile are where Purchase Orders are sent to.

  1. CLICK on the initials in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. CLICK on Company Profile.

        3. CLICK on Contacts.

                - UPDATE the email address(es) as needed.

       4. CLICK Save.


Location 2: Settings

  1. CLICK on Network Notifications under the Settings menu. 
  2. CLICK on the Network tab. 
  3. CLICK each check box under the Electronic Order Routing, Service Sheet and Electronic Invoice Routing.  ENTER the email address of the notifying party. 
    1. Please note: you may enter up to three comma-separated (NO SPACES) email address per field.
  4. CLICK the Save button once completed.


Location 3: Settings

  1. CLICK on Electronic Order Routing under the Settings menu.

    2. UPDATE the email address under New Orders.

   3.  CLICK Save.

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