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ERROR: Assigning a new tax key for SAL and VAT (tax rate) not possible

Error Message

Assigning a new tax key for SAL and VAT (tax rate) not possible



Root Cause

While creating an invoice, Supplier chose the incorrect tax rate under Category that does not match with tax entries maintained in Murphy SAP system. Hence, the Murphy system rejected the processing of the invoice. 

Solution / Action Required

  1. Click on the Edit and re-submit button
  2. Ensure the Bill From and Supplier addresses are in the correct country. 
    • For example, if your supplier address is in the US and the business is completed/the PO is in CAD, you will need to update these addresses to a Canadian address for the proper tax categories to populate in Ariba. 
  3. Once the addresses are updated, CLICK update at the top of the screen. This will trigger the tax categories to update. Then select the correct Tax category. 
    • For Canadian POs/CAD, the tax category should populate with GST. See below screen shot. 


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