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ERROR: Document contains same order item more than once

Error Message

Document contains same order item more than once



Root Cause

Supplier is submitting invoices against different POs linked to multiple SESs that is causing this rejection in SAP system. 

Solution / Action Required

  1. Do not resubmit the rejected invoice.
  2. Supplier must submit a new invoice against the SES. Supplier must change the invoice number. Invoice attachments must match the invoice number in the system.
  3. Supplier must select single SES or multiple SESs and convert this into an invoice. Invoice line items should not exceed 99 lines.
  4. Supplier must select the SESs from the SES search page by searching for SES based upon the PO number.


  1. When creating the invoice for a single or multiple SES's, create from the Service Sheet tab. DO NOT create the invoice from the PO. 

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